Are we missing a good spot?
the map center to

normalized between -90 (S) and 90 (N)

normalized between -180 (W) and 180 (E)

in decimal degrees
A list of people including
- friends (people I've marked as [friend])
- current fellows/companions/travel mates (people I've marked as [current travel mates], like [watched] for trips and/or travellers I'm currently sharing a trip with)
- search ("nearby" using last known location, by real name, by user login)
- followers ? (people watching my trips)
- recent ? (people I've recently contacted, visited or looked at trips of)
Clicking on a person opens a menu:
- show profile
- locate using last shared location (for friends? if they allow that?)
- browse trips
- message
- invite to join [a trip/my open trip]
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